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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Advertising strategy for David jones

David Jones Company has suffered poor image brand for a subsequent time. This was due to the perception that it offers poor services. The perception was created by employers who were scale down and less motivated. The company has taken a new approach to revive it brand name, the employees are now its brand ambassadors. It has also investing heavily to reverse its poor image brand.

Some of the steps taken to revive its brand image are by serving customers with a lot of diligent. This is done by employees who are motivated and well knowledgeable about the fashion trends. It also involves ordering of goods on behalf of customers. The company also ensures that the physically and emotional attributes of their customers are taken care of. This is achieved through the personal engagement with their customers.
David jones has 36 stores it has recruited almost 500 employees to ensure that its operations run well. This includes; fashion styles, supervisor and technical staff. The new staffs are likely to raise the prospects of retailer. Advertisement is a way of creating awareness on the existence of a product in the market. A company must know its target market and use the appropriate media to reach them. David jones is ranked position 13 in list of Australian top Retailers led by Woolworth’s food and liquor, Coles food and Liquor, Myer, Kmart and Harvey Norman among others. The retailer target customer is age between 30 and 45, this is a working class group with money to spend therefor they need fashionable products to much with their class.

A good advertisement projects the information it is intended for; it should be able to convince the targeted audience towards buying or using its products. The actor to deliver the message also matters, in this case David jones target audience are the age of 35. They need an adult of about that age to do the advertisements. This will enable the audience to relate easily and get convinced to buy the products. The retailer should use its Unique Selling Preposition in advertisement this include its personal advisory on fashions to also makes shopping more relaxing and makes customers to rediscover their taste.
When it comes to advertisement the media choice is very important for example in Australia internet access is high. About 80% of its population access the internet therefore in this scenario advertising through the internet can be very effective. The traditional means of advertisement like the TV, Radio and Newspapers are still important since people still value them. They should also be considered as a media of advertisement too. In advertisement the objectives should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound).

Assessing whether an advertisement is making an impact is very important. This will tell whether an organization is receiving value for its advertisement or not. This also enables the organization to avoid repeating its mistakes and perfect its advertisement. A good advertisement is one that generates a lot of feedbacks and inquires.

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