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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Neuromarketing key to success in outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertisements can be made more effective by singling out the trigger moments in TV commercials and displaying these sections in outdoor mediums.
This was established after an experiment was conducted across the US using 60TV commercials. The most intriguing moments on these commercials were used on outdoor advertisements with results being that using this approach can increase long term memory by up to 42%.

When an image is taken out of the most intriguing moment in a TV ad and displayed in OOH, it acts as a replay button enabling the audience to replay the whole commercial and recapture the essence of the advertisement. This makes advertisements more effective than when images are designed independently.

This case proves the application of neuroscience in increasing the returns on investment in marketing. What is needed for effectiveness is to capitalise on the same images used in commercials that have been proven to be more intriguing and captivating. Even though this research was conducted using static images, it is believed that a similar result would be achieved in outdoor media that display moving images.

If well applied, neuromarketing can help to reduce the cost of advertisement dramatically and increase the returns on marketing expenses.

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