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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Managing Change Assignment

For this assignment you must take the role of a change consultant, employed in order to manage change within an organisation (you MUST use ONE of the three case study organisations provided ie. Danone, New York Times Company or GOJO).

The Managing Director of the organisation has asked you to write a 2500 word essay through which you should clearly outline a potential change (this part is minimal and should be completed by the end of the first page); assess the drivers and resistors; and, having critically analysed a variety of contrasting approaches to change management, explain which is the most useful approach in this particular case.

Your response should include examples of how change is/was managed in other specific organisational contexts AND reference to a wide range of academic literature on organisational change (for a grade of 60% or above this must include academic journals).

The focus of your discussion should be ‘how to manage change’ NOT whether the idea for change is a good one.

You MUST also include a reflective analysis of the value of the training you have received on change management to date (ie. the York residential or classroom-based sessions of Feb 2015). This should be provided as an appendix, comprising around 500 words (this does NOT count towards the overall assignment word count), and should explain the skills you have developed during the module delivery so far – what is their relevance to your future career?


The word limit for this essay is 2500 words (refer to the module guide for details of penalties for over-length assignments). There is not a need for numerous or lengthy appendices.

The deadline for e-submission is 10th March 2015.

This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:
Analyse approaches for managing change;
Evaluate some potential strategies for managing change.

Feedback will be provided within 4 term-time weeks (ie. by 28th April). The intention is that this will be audio-feedback, which will be placed in students’ drop-boxes on ebridge. Appointments will be available, to discuss this feedback with the module leader.

This assignment will be marked using the criteria in the grid overleaf.

The resit requirement for this assessment is for students to repeat the task described above but using a case organisation which they have not used in any previous submission, producing a 2500 word individual essay.

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