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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Contemporary issues in the hospitality industries

The hospitality industries is one of the important industries in the world it plays a major role in the economy by growing the GDP and creation of employment. It is closely related to tourism which its influence in the world has steadily increased.

Currently the hospitality industries is faced by various challenges ,customers want quality services and they are much aware of the different luxuries offered around the world since there is easy access to information, therefore hoteliers have to keep up their  standards to attract more customers. Some of the challenges faced are food safety, security and the issue of smoking. Governments have come up with food policies that ensure proper handling of food to ensure that it is safe for consumption. On the issue of security the hoteliers ensure that customer possessions are safe and their security is also guaranteed. Countries have tried to impose a ban on smoking in hotels or setting designated areas for smoking.  

Food safety is one of the main concerned today in the hospitality industries, how the food is cooked handled and served to the customers matters a lot to the customers. Cases of food poisoning should be avoided at all cost because they can be very detrimental to the industry. Food inspection should be done regularly and even the hotel premise to ensure everything is safe. Eateries and other equipment used in the hotel should be cleaned and inspection done on them to ensure that their standards is high. To ensure that customer trust the food made for them some hotels in the USA have come up with open kitchen where food is prepared while the customer see’s it this ensures that customers have total trust on the food prepared for them.

The ban on smoking is now being embraced in most countries. Research has shown that smoking not only affect the smoker but also those around him or her. Though hoteliers feared that they were going to lose their customers they came up with smoking zone to please those customers who were smokers. In some countries countries customers had to embrace the ban and leave smoking completely.

Security is a key factor to hoteliers and their customers; they need to be assured that they are safe with their possessions. In this case most hotels have come up with measures to ensure security is maintained all the time; they include the deployment of security personnel and keeping of surveillance cameras which is modern technology and very effective. Surveillance cameras record all the happenings in the area without the customer’s disturbance or knowledge. This is contrary to security personnel where one may feel abit an easy if there a lot of security personnel.

Food safety, security and smoking ban are among the contemporary issues facing the hospitality industries today. Governments have come up with food policies that ensures the safety of food, hotels are embracing the open kitchen methods to win the trust of their customer as they cook for them food under their watch. Security has been heighted since once a customer fells a victim of theft or robbery then it would be very hard to win his or her trust back. As many are becoming health conscious, smoking is not their option especially the passive smoking therefore governments and hotels have to ensure that the environment is clean by embracing the total ban on smoking.

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